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5 Ways for Peoria Football Fans to Stay Sober this Season

Drug Rehab Peoria that the Peoria community says football season is a time that is looked forward to by many students, as well as adults.  They look forward to playing, spectating, partying and overall supporting the team of their choice.  While football season can be a time of celebration and fun, it can sometimes be filled with difficult and risky situations for individuals who are in recovery, which can be dangerous to their sobriety if not handled correctly.  Recovering addicts in Peoria, Illinois want to make sure they have ways to stay sober this football season.  

Here are 5 ways to stay sober during the football season:

  • Create a Plan – Whether you are attending a party to watch the game or attending the game itself, having a plan for situations that come up during this football season could be very valuable to maintaining your recovery.  This plan can include things such as, how to turn down an offered drink or drug, entertaining yourself when surrounded by substances, or an exit plan if you find yourself too uncomfortable.Image result for 5 Ways for Peoria Football Fans to Stay Sober this Season
  • Throw your own party – If you feel attending a friend’s party, or a tailgate party at the game will be too much for you to handle, than throw your own party.  This allows you to have control over what is at the party.  Let your guests know to leave the alcohol or drugs at home, politely of course.  Have snacks and nonalcoholic drinks available, and enjoy the night with some games, or just socializing.  
  • Spend time with fellow people in recovery – Many are surprised at the amount of people who are also in recovery.  If you have friends in recovery, or people you have met during your recovery, have a get together with them.  They share the common purpose of staying sober with you, so you can all enjoy yourselves without having to worry about substances being present.
  • Have a support system – Having people to help support you through your recovery can be vital in maintaining it.  This can include friends, family, or other loved ones.  Confide in them when you need to stay strong or need support in making it through the situations you find yourself in during football season.  
  • Avoid parties or celebrations – Sometimes attending these types of events might be too much for an individual, or it may be too soon in their recovery for them to be able to attend safely.  There is no shame in this, remember to put your sobriety above all else.  Avoid these events if need be to maintain what you have earned with your hard work.  

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol in Peoria, Illinois, give us a call today.  We are here to assist you in finding the treatment needed for whoever is struggling.  Sometime finding the right treatment facility can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but we can make that process simpler.  Contact us today, and one of our experienced advisors will help you to find the perfect private inpatient treatment center.  

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