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Earn some extra from your car


Owning a car is seen as a liability to many since a car quickly loses its value once it is purchased. But for savvy car owners, it could be an asset to gain some extra income. Does driving cost you too much or do you have debts that need to be paid? Do you feel that you always keep on spending too much for gas, repairs, insurance or to cover the expense of that signature loan in Las Vegas, NV? Then why not make your car pay for it? To make the most of your investment, put your car to work.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Earn Extra Money from Your Vehicle

Take Kids to School

When you take your kids to school, how many other parents are there doing the same thing daily? Offering to take kids to school and if possible bring them back home will be a big relief for parents. To get rid of the daily chaos most parents will willingly pay you. You may charge accordingly depending on the area you live and the route you prefer. Many parents will be glad to have a person in charge taking their children to school and free up their morning.

Offer Driving Lessons

If you have the nerves to tackle new drivers with their quiver driving, then you could opt for taking newbie drivers out on the road. Some parents are too busy or scared to take their child out for practice. Even driving schools are expensive and with the extra training offered by you, this could keep their costs low and help you earn some extra bucks.

Rent It Out

If you are going out of town for a few days, renting your vehicle for the time you’re away could be a good option to gain some additional dollars. You can rent it on a site like Getaround or Turo, or maybe you can lease your vehicle for the time being. By this, you could make up to $10,000 a year by a sharing your vehicle every time you don’t need it.

Join Uber or Lyft

Driving for Uber or Lyft provides you the convenience of driving your car and setting your schedule, unlike driving a taxi. By this, you can earn around $15 – $40 per hour.

Advertising Decals

If you don’t mind having your car wrapped up with advertisements, then you could let a local business use your car as a promotional medium for a set duration. You can earn by how much of your vehicle has ads on and its applicable route and location that your car passes through, as no one will pay for a car parked in the shade.

Wedding Chauffeur

If your car is unusual, then you may try hiring yourself out as a chauffeur. This could be bringing the bride to the church or taking the married couple to the reception or even back to the hotel in the evening. Decorating your car with flowers and bows will be there, and you would be expected to dress accordingly for the occasion.

Pickup Service

If you have a truck or van, you can make money by transporting large items or even moving people. Services like GoShare and Buddytruk will allow you to earn up to $60 an hour by using your van or truck. You can also pay off those payday loans in Henderson, NV by using a service like TaskRabbit to charge for the use of your vehicle.

Airport car rental

Drive to the airport for a trip and you can park your car in a FlightCar owned free parking area and even get a free car wash. If you rent your car, you get paid per mile driven based on your car’s make, year and model.

These ways of getting extra cash can cover the cost of gas, other maintenance costs or even your car payment. With these money-making opportunities, there is no compulsion to carry on if it doesn’t work for you. But if it sounds good to you then this extra income in your wallet will keep you happy.    

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