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Few Myths and Realities Concerning Alcoholism

It is a known fact that there are two faces of a coin. The same theory applies to myths and realities. Myths generally arise due to ignorance about the matter concerned where as the facts of realities are realized after considerable research and studies have been conducted to drive away the misconceptions about the concerned matter. Similar circumstances can be observed when you revive the myths and realities associated with alcoholism.

A few myths and realities:

  • Myth: Alcoholism is the best sedative and depressant repelling drug.
    • Reality: Alcohol when drunk in adequate quantity is known to be a great stimulant. It provides great energy and sometimes consumed for its medical values.
  • Myth: Alcohol has the same effect on whoever drinks it.
    • In reality: Alcohol acts in different ways for every consumer. Some individuals feel quite activated after drinking where as some of them feel drowsy.
  • Myth: Alcohol is considered to be one of the strong addictive drugs.
    • Reality: Actually it isn’t addictive. Only some drinkers feel the urge to drink it every time while majority of people drink it like any other soft beverages once in a while like in parties or while enjoying leisure hours.
  • Myth: Alcohol is poisonous to an alcoholic.
    • True fact: It isn’t poisonous at all. Like any other food if taken more than required on a daily basis, it is sure to create great medical issues in future.
  • Myth: Addiction to alcohol is a totally psychological matter.
    • Reality: Addiction to alcohol happens when a person likes to have the beverage often to feel its beneficial qualities. In other words, the addiction starts when the person’s body starts craving for more drinks, hence not a psychology factor alone.
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  • Myth: People like to drink excess of alcohol to wade off depression in their life.
    • Totally untrue: Alcohol is like any other drink, which is taken to enjoy and enhance the taste buds, it isn’t a depressive drug composed to help you feel stress free.
  • Myth: Depression in life leads people to drink alcohol in excess.
    • Reality: No one can prove that by drinking the beverage in excess will help to solve the issues present in one’s life. By consuming more than required the person is only creating more havoc in his/her personal life.
  • Myth: Alcoholic drinking in limited quantity is safe from its ill effects.
    • Reality: No alcoholic can drink it in limited quantity. Thus, this isn’t possible.
  • Myth: To stop drinking alcohol, a person must find alternatives of sugary food like candies and chocolates.
    • Untrue: In fact, having these sugary items will make you crave for more alcohol.

To stay away from alcohol consumption you need to consider counseling sessions, follow the right kind of treatment, have medications taken under the guidance of well acclaimed medical professionals working in well known rehab centers like New Hope Recovery Center Las Vegas. The best way is to keep striving to achieve your goal to be free from alcoholism.

 Author’s Bio:

Chris Johnson has written this Guest Post.  The city of Las Vegas is well known for its medical facilities. New Hope Recovery Center Las Vegas is one of those and have successfully treated hundreds of their patients, who strived to free from alcoholism. The medical experts are highly qualified and well skilled to use all kinds of methods to help their patients achieving their aim in a cost effective way.

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