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Going Out To Buy A Pearl? Here Is the Guide

In case of pearls, there is no official grading system the way it exists in case of diamonds i.e. “the 4Cs”. However, there are certain characteristics affecting the value and quality of pearl which you need to consider before purchasing it.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Pearl

  • Shape – There are three shapes of pearls: symmetrical: baroque and spherical. The most valuable and rarest is the spherical or round pearl. These pearls are measured by their degree of “roundness” or “sphericity”. However, pearls that have a pure round shape are rare; therefore, closer is shape to round, expensive the pearl is.

On the other hand, symmetrical pearls are less costly than round ones, except some cases. However, these are more costly than baroque ones, which are irregularly shaped pearls.

  • Luster – Pearls with intense and bright luster reflect nearby images and have a good thickness of nacre. However, pearls with a dull look and chalky mostly have a thin or poor quality nacre. Therefore, it’s essential that you check luster of pearl by rolling the pearl and viewing it from all sides. Moreover, you can examine the pearl under a light source such as a lamp by paying attention to brightness of reflections.
  • Surface – This refers to the extent of surface perfection. It’s easy to identify good quality pearls from poor ones by checking surface. If surface is cleaner, higher is the luster and better is the quality. A pearl with surface free of pimples, blisters, cracks or spots is valuable than one with small indentations, blisters, surface bumps or dark spots.

Moreover a pearl with lots of blemish is also less durable. The clearer surface of pearl is, better is the quality and rarer it is.


Purchasing a pearl is not a small investment. Therefore it’s essential that you educate yourself with its various characteristic before going to market and making a purchase. You can check out the best pearl ring and bracelet designs at

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