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Things that a debt collector agency cannot do

There are times when a person gets stressed out with the number of calls and messages which come from debt collectors. We usually imagine a big man coming down to our house with a baseball bat in order to collect debt. Well, there is nothing like this which will happen. So, the article suggests the things a debt collection agency cannot do or is not allowed to do by the law-

Calling at work place for collection of debt-

A debt collection agent can be sued if you have made it clear that you don’t have to call him at work. There are many people who have made it clear to the collectors and at least at office or work time, they remain stress free. Calling at work places can be held against the debt collection person in the court of contempt. So, you know what to do the next time a collector calls at work place.Image result for Things that a debt collector agency cannot do

Using unfair practices-

Use of unfair means to distract, trouble or threaten the consumer for debt can be considered as a crime. There is no law which suggests the use of any external force over the consumer without the consent of the court of law. The debt collector is any form cannot make you feel threatened, if he has done so, warn him for not doing this again.

Calling at the odd hours-

There are limits which a debt collector cannot pass, like calling at the right time. However, the right time might vary from a person to person but, anything before 8:00 am to after 9:00 pm is considered wrong. So, if the collectors are calling at odd timings and leaving voicemails, you can contact the collector to stop doing it. Don’t be a victim, know your rights and pay your dues on time.

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