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What You Need To Know About The UI Evolution: Beginning Up to Now

We are witnessing an application explosion that no longer has GUI or graphical user interface. They have been actually around for a while, but they only started spreading to the mainstream recently. They were called as bots, invisible apps, and virtual assistant.

They have the ability to run WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Slack, plain SMS, and Amazon Echo. They are generally driven with an artificial intelligence, or there might be a human behind those curtains.

Does anyone believe that Photoshop and CSS are no longer needed to design our style? Do we get by text editor to write a script and to control behavior of robot that is CUI technically? The mere science fiction 30 years ago will become reality in the near future.

The entire field of the visual interface design – and wireframe service, everything that we know regarding placing controls, about handling of the mouse, the touch interactions, and color pickups – will be affected by the switch to conversation form.

The UI Evolution

The GUI or graphical user interface had become popularly used in the early 1980s, and dominated the technology world ever since. Though graphical user interface cannot be done altogether, their monopoly will be challenged right before the rise and reign of CUI or Conversational User Interface, invisible apps, and virtual assistant.

As CUI becomes the mainstream, it will forever depend on howwe develop, design, and interact with technology. Through the conversational user interface prominence and widely usage, it is foreseen to be the next big thing in digital era.

Developing Conversational UI – The Perspective of Developer

There has been a rapid transition in intelligent applications where human users may talk to get things done. Basic technologies re being required to facilitate with this transition, and it is already in place. We are all soon be witnessed to threshold point, where CUI will be replacing GUI altogether, and soon to become a getaway of everyone to the digital community.

The CUI is going beyond the conventional speech technologies. Conversational user interface will utilize the natural language recognition in order to understand the intention of word spoken by human, and to comprehend the meaning even if we miss to speak.

As the Big data and machine learning are advancing, the conversational virtual agents are not just going to understand the voice command, but they will also grasp the intentions behind it. The more the CUI becomes sophisticated with AI the more it will understand the future events and hypothetical objects in a certain situation.

The possibilities for the CUI will go beyond the extent of our imagination. There is a surge in the surrounding of graphical user interface. It will require many clicks in different screens in order to accomplish the tasks such as making reservation or booking a ticket for your favorite shopping or shows, manipulating number of a graphical objects like text boxes and buttons.


The interactive mobile device force application is designed to capture even more functionality to the decreasing screen space, force the GUI to a mobile interface world as we grapple with increasing data as tasks catered to us.

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